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Toolkit for Inclusive Leadership

Working in partnership with business

The WMCA Leadership Commission called for a generational change in the diversity of leadership in the region. It stated that success will depend on ownership right at the top of organisations, aligning inclusive leadership to the core values and goals of a future business.

However, we also know that many organisations and sectors may struggle to diversify their leadership and workforce. The WMCA has committed to working in partnership with business to develop inclusive leadership, identifying how progress can be achieved and encouraging other organisations to implement best practice.

To help, we have created this online toolkit of guidance to support you on your inclusion and diversity journey. The toolkit will continually develop - with input from leaders and organisations across the region - to include more advice, business-led events, case studies and stories from diverse leaders living and working in the West Midlands.

Quick guides on inclusion

We have developed these quick guides to introduce you to inclusive leadership in the workplace, and support you to make change in your organisation. Each guide will provide an overview of a key topic and signposting to quality information and advice:

Business-to-business learning

Becoming a more inclusive workplace can be challenging, and it can help to hear about the successes and difficulties that other businesses have experienced. We need you to help spread the message of why diversity and inclusion matters.

You can help by:

Look out for Events

The power of peer-to-peer learning to enable leaders from different organisations to learn from each other was highlighted within the Leadership Commission's research. This is why we will work with our partners to promote business-led forums for inclusive leadership. 

Stay up to date with inclusive leadership events, and be in touch to showcase your events here!

Real Life Stories

Tell us your story