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Leadership Commission

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Leadership Commission

Leadership Commission

The Leadership Commission was set up to ask why the leadership of the region across all sectors does not reflect the diverse makeup of our communities. 

Its findings report (2018) evidenced a significant gap between the diversity of the region's leadership and its population, and a number of barriers that can make it more difficult for people from underrepresented groups to reach leadership positions.  The report then made a series of recommendations for how the whole region could work to improve diversity and inclusion at senior levels.

In September 2020, and in the context of the unequal impact of the coronavirus crisis and Black Lives Matter, the WMCA Board agreed to relaunch Leadership Commission activity as part of its portfolio for inclusive communities.  The new work will focus on supporting more people from underrepresented groups to secure top positions.

Andy Street at launch of Leadership Commission

The Challenge

The West Midlands Leadership Commission was set up by Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, and the WMCA Board in 2017 to investigate why the diverse makeup of the region's population is not represented at leadership levels.

Leadership Commission event

The Findings

The Commission published its findings 'Leaders Like You' in 2018, making a number of recommendations for how the whole region can help to bring change.

Leadership Commission event

The Next Steps

Two years on, the WMCA Board has agreed to renew the Leadership Commission's activity, which will focus on helping more people from underrepresented groups to get leadership positions.

Get Board Ready

The Leadership Commission has launched new work to support more people from underrepresented groups to secure top positions.

Supporting people to Get Board Ready

In Spring 2021, the Leadership Commission set up a new training scheme to offer potential candidates a chance to learn and develop the skills needed to successfully secure a position on a board or a committee of an organisation.  

The aim is to equip more people from underrepresented groups to apply for leadership-level opportunities and, at the same time, encourage boards and recruiters to consider these applicants more seriously by demonstrating the value that they could add. 

Participants of the ‘Get Board Ready’ pilot have been offered the opportunity to connect with a mentor at HSBC.

Updates on the Get Board Ready pilot will be shared during 2022. The Leadership Commission is actively looking to secure shadow and placement opportunities for diverse candidates, as well as highlight live vacancies and opportunities that candidates with the potential to be leaders could apply for. 

If you would like to offer ‘Get Board Ready’ participants a permanent, shadow or placement opportunity on your Board or Committee, then please contact us at: