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Creating a Circular Economy

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Creating a Circular Economy

Creating a Circular Economy

Traditionally our economy has worked in a linear way, where products and materials are made, used, and then thrown away.  

In the West Midlands, we’re helping businesses adapt their practices so they can be part of the circular economy. This is an approach designed to reduce waste and pollution by reusing and repurposing products and materials that would normally be discarded.

As well as reducing the environmental impact of the economy, this also creates new opportunities and jobs in resource recovery, remanufacture and pay-per-use platforms.

The West Midlands Circular Economy Routemap

To accelerate the development of a circular economy in the region and celebrate the leadership that our businesses and universities are showing already, we have created the West Midlands Circular Economy Routemap in collaboration with partners throughout the region.

The Routemap identifies three initial priority sectors, where the region can accelerate the uptake of circular economy practises. The sectors identified are:

Circular Manufacturing – Building on the legacy of the West Midlands as the workshop of the world.

Circular Construction – Unlocking brownfield sites for development and embedding circular design in our construction developments.

Circular Food – Utilising our unique and diverse network of community groups to re-design our food system.

The Routemap identifies a number of opportunities for the West Midlands across these sectors, building on the existing work being done in the region.


Innovation in the West Midlands

Find out how local businesses in the region are already innovating in this area in our guide, Kickstarting the West Midlands’ Circular Economy. Examples include:

  • Aceleron - a Birmingham based developer of sustainable and reusable batteries

  • Interface - a Birmingham based  commercial flooring company that offers 100% carbon neutral products

  • Paint360 - reengineering waste paint into a award-winning range of emulsion paints from their HQ in Cradley Heath

We need your help

We’re working with experts to help deliver a circular economy plan for our region, but we’re looking for your ideas too. If you have any thoughts on how we can make better use of our resources, email