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Commonwealth Games Webinar

Commonwealth Games Webinar

Our Your Career: Commonwealth Games webinar took place on 20 May.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games are set to create up to 35,000 jobs. The West Midlands Combined Authority is funding training to support residents into employment and upskilling.

This webinar explored the upcoming volunteering and employment opportunities that are being created as part of the Games, as well as the fully funded courses that are available as part of the Commonwealth Games Jobs and Skills Academy.

The training will help 1,500 local residents to gain new skills to help secure jobs during and after the Games. A range of courses are being offered in Event Management, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Health, Lifestyle and Science, Sports Coaching and Team Leading.

Speakers talked about how West Midlands residents can access the opportunities, the support available and how to apply.

Guest speakers:

  • Host: Helen Kershaw – West Midlands Combined Authority
  • Laura Easton – Birmingham Organising Committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • Suki Gill - Birmingham Organising Committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • Rachel Evans – National Careers Service
  • John Hall - West Midlands Combined Authority


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Outstanding Questions


Any opportunities for digital marketing?

Yes, there are roles currently live and in the coming workforce plan for future opportunities.

Are you going to recruit anyone for hospitality and catering operation?

There will be opportunities directly within the organising committee as part of the CCW (Catering, Cleaning and Waste) Function. There will also be opportunities within the wider supply- chain.

Are there any opportunities in training & development?

Not within the organising committee – there may be opportunities within the wider supply chain although this has yet to be determined.

I'm interested in roles relating to Event Management, but I didn't hear anything about this during the webinar. Please could you provide some information on what's available and how to get involved?

Thanks There are a wide variety of roles linked in event, venue and hospitality management. There are a number of roles live at the moment in venue management and more to come in the future.

Thanks for your presentation Laura.  Is one of the functional areas that you'll be recruiting volunteers for, marketing?

There will be volunteer opportunities available in this area – it will come under Marketing and Communications on the form.

Any work for self-employed refrigeration engineers?

Not within the organising committee – there may be within the wider supply chain.

If I want to volunteer but I am already in full time employment - how does this work?

Volunteers will need to make their own arrangements in terms of time off whether that be annual leave or making use of any volunteer days that a company may offer. 


Are the colours in the branding of the Volunteer slides and social media an indicator of the uniform colour?

Not as far as I know. Only a few people have seen the uniform design so I actually don’t know what it will look like. All will be revealed next year.

Area Specific

Can college students from elsewhere in the country be considered for roles as I work at a dual site college in Birmingham and a campus in Yorkshire - I'm sure learners from both would be interested.

All are welcome to apply and although we want to involve as many local people as possible, I would always encourage anyone to apply to be considered.

Will West Midlands’ applications be prioritised?

Where possible West Midlands and Warwickshire applicants will be prioritised but not at the expense of delivering the best games possible.

Age specific

Hi, I’m a student going to university in September. However, I would like to get involved, what's the best option for me?

I would encourage you to at least apply for volunteering and keep an eye out for all opportunities that come up so you can have choices.

You mentioned the apprenticeship roles got taken at the beginning of the year?

Are there any more active roles for 18+ apprentices? Unfortunately, the apprenticeship programme was completed with individuals starting in January and February.

The apprentice scheme, is it open to older people 30 and above?

It was but unfortunately the programme was completed with our January and February cohorts.

What happens if you turn 18 before the games?

Volunteer opportunities will need to be 18 as of 1 January 2022.

What is the minimum age requirement for these roles? Do you accept 16–17-year-olds?

There will be opportunities for volunteers at this age which will be launched later in 2021. This will be a targeted recruitment and group applications from an organisation rather than individual applications.

Will you engage with schools to promote volunteering opportunities for young people?  It would be great to involve students from local schools to venues.

As above for under 18s and liaising with 6th form colleges for those over 18.

Are there opportunities for the over 60's?

There is no upper age limit for the volunteer programme.

Is there any provision for older workers especially around retraining?

Re-training support is available through Adult Education Budget Providers, for those individuals who are 19+. This support is delivered via Colleges, Local Authorities and Independent Training Providers. A link to training available can be found in the below locations:


Who will support the Under-19 age groups to access similar NCS services available to 19+ age groups?

To confirm, National Careers Service unfortunately cannot support under 19 age groups. The Service is only available to those 19+ years.

Further support will be available through the Lottery Funded ‘StandOut’ programme, this will be launched 26 May with details found on the WMCA website. 

It’s been promoted that 1000 volunteer roles are for young people, unemployed or disadvantaged groups - how will these groups get the support they need to be successful through interview process?

All those (19+ years) are welcome to register with the National Careers Service and would have a 1:1 appointment with a qualified Careers Adviser who will provide them with information, advice and guidance that is relevant and tailored to their individual needs to support them through their applications and interviews (for Commonwealth Games opportunities and beyond).

Further support will be available through the Lottery Funded ‘StandOut’ programme, this will be launched 26 May with details found on the WMCA website.

How will the assessment centre support those with disabilities?

The Volunteer selection event will be accessible, and we will work to make any other adjustments highlighted at application stage for applicants.


Which organisations comprise The Academy? And what are each organisation responsible for? Thank you.

See JSA Network of Colleges and Providers separate PowerPoint slides.

Specific Requirements

Can you give us a minimum level of English requirement e.g., E3/L1/L2 etc, please?

We haven’t got a specific minimum level but as long as people can easily converse in English and read English, that would be sufficient.

Further Engagement/requests

Will you be doing recruitment fairs around West Midlands?

Yes, we will aim to attend both recruitment fairs and conduct a roadshow showcasing the games, the culture programme and job/volunteer opportunities.

(There were some specific meeting/follow up requests)

Any attendee that asked for a specific meeting/follow up will be contacted separately.