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Thrive at Work In Action: Nutrition the key to wellbeing at Moor Hall Hotel

16 April 2020

Entrance to Moor Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield

Rachel Kearney from Moor Hall Hotel & Spa -  a family run, four-star country house hotel, employing 150 staff - shares her view on how Thrive at Work has helped colleagues become more healthy

We found it difficult to engage employees with Thrive at Work at first.  I think they may have thought our concern for their health was a little intrusive and ‘none of our business’ so it was hard to get buy-in from them but as we progressed, the events and activities got better attended and more and more people began to participate which was fantastic.

Why sign up?
Being honest, we were intrigued by Thrive at Work to begin with.  Our General Manager at the time saw the advert in the Chambers of Commerce newsletter and whilst we already had a number of employee engagement initiatives in place, we wanted to improve our overall employee experience.  Thrive at Work gave us the guidance and support we were looking for.

What initiatives were introduced to support mental health?
We introduced mental health training for all line managers and an employee assistance programme for all of our employees and their families.  The mental health training has given our managers the knowledge to spot the signs if someone is struggling with their mental health and the confidence to initiate conversations which sometimes can be difficult, it has definitely got people talking more which is great.  

...and to improve staff wellbeing?
We have introduced a number of things to improve staff wellbeing.  One of the things we focused on first was our staff food offering.  Our employees previously had subsidised meals whilst on duty.  However, we improved the meals by offering more nutritious foods such as fruit and salad daily.  We also improved our employee gym membership offer to make it as cost effective and accessible as possible.  We actively promoted a number of health and wellbeing initiatives where we gave away relevant gifts such as free cereal bars and water bottles during nutrition and hydration week. 

We supported cycle to work day and offered employees the opportunity of attending a spin cycling class if they were unable to cycle to work.  Managers have introduced wellbeing discussions with their team and wellbeing is also a talking point at all performance reviews.  Employee wellbeing is now really at the forefront of anything we do for our employees.  Thrive at Work really enabled us to build upon what we already had in place but also gave us ideas that we had not thought of before.

And what has been the outcome?
Thrive at Work has been a huge success for us.  Staff turnover and absence levels have reduced.  Our employees are talking more and we are now confident that we can offer support to them if they need it.