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Sewa Day Covid Campaigns

9 April 2020

Community Champions
Sewa Day volunteers at a food bank warehouse.

National charity Sewa Day has launched a Covid-19 response campaign, encouraging individuals to volunteer and get involved with acts of community kindness. So far they have mobilised more than 1,400 volunteers in teams across the country, and the movement is growing.

Recognising some of the most pressing issues faced by our communities, the campaign is focuses on four key areas:

  1. The Help Your Neighbour campaign gets individuals to look out for their neighbours and loved ones. Covid-19 is changing the way we go about our everyday lives, and tasks such as grocery shopping or picking up a prescription have become increasingly difficult. Sewa Day encourages volunteers to check in on their neighbours and let them know they can reach out if they need help during the difficult weeks ahead. Sign up to your local Help Your Neighbour movement and link up with other volunteers in your area.

  2. Demand for food banks has gone up by 300%, but they are only receiving half their usual donations. Working with partner charities, supermarkets and corporate donors, Sewa Day’s Replenish the Food Banks campaign has so far restocked 17 food banks across the country. They are also providing homeless and women’s shelters to help care for some of the most vulnerable.

  3. Health and social care workers are on the frontline fighting covid-19, and Sewa Day are helping to get Care to the Carers. Currently working with 26 hospitals, volunteers are providing essentials such as snacks, drinks, facemasks and furniture for doctor rest rooms.

  4. Social distancing saves lives, but isolation can present challenges for our mental health, especially among the isolated elderly. Sewa Day have launched the Spread Some Joy campaign to encourage children to help play their part by drawing pictures and writing letters for the elderly. These are sent digitally to care homes to help brighten up someone’s day, bringing generations and communities together. To contribute, send your submissions to

For more information on these campaigns and to find out how you can get involved, visit Sewa Day on Facebook.