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International Women's Day - Terri Seel

31 March 2020

Productivity and Skills

To celebrate International Women's Day we've spoken to a few females within the Construction and Digital industries across the West Midlands.

Name: Terri Seel
Job title: Project Manager
Industry: Construction and Infrastructure
Years in industry: 8

Tell us about your experience as a woman in your industry and the roles that you have taken on.

I have loved working on complex construction projects; the thrill of seeing a bridge, road, railway, or structure develop under my engineering and management has been a constant source of satisfaction for me.

I have worked for Morgan Sindall Infrastructure since graduating, and I have progressed from site engineer, through senior engineer and site agent to, very recently, project manager. My experiences have all been building major infrastructure projects for large customers; the projects have been challenging, complex and positive.

Within construction I have also very much enjoyed being part of a delivery team, I find the power of collaboration and conversation with other capable individuals in a variety of roles, from a site foreman to an engineering manager, fun and engaging.

I have never found discrimination at work due to my gender: within Morgan Sindall Infrastructure I have been treated on my merits and capabilities alone.

I haven’t worked with many other operational women within my career to date, yet the few I have worked alongside I have always found supportive, competent and confident. I hope to encourage more women in to the industry, so that within my career I see a much bigger take-up.


In your opinion, why is it important that more women join your industry in the near future?

Firstly, I fully endorse the mantra that seeing is believing. The more women within construction, especially within high-profile leadership roles, the more women will see that they can achieve, and that the top is within their grasp. That the construction industry is a positive and inclusive one.

Secondly, I firmly believe that the more women the stronger the network and the support channels available, which both encourages more women in to the industry and compels those already within construction to stay.

Finally, women bring a unique set of skills, talents and perspectives which leads to different conversations, questions, and answers. This diversity is good for business culture and profitability, so should be encouraged and nurtured.

Hence, the more women there are, the better it is for everyone!


What’s the most important piece of advice you’d give to a woman thinking of starting a career in your industry?

Be prepared for hard-work and problems to solve at short notice, but relish the challenges, the tangible achievements and the everyday successes that are a constant in our industry.