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International Women's Day - Jane Fallon

31 March 2020

Productivity and Skills

To celebrate International Women's Day we've spoken to a few females within the Construction and Digital industries across the West Midlands.

Name: Jane Fallon
Job title: Head of Methods Digital for the Midlands
Industry:  Digital / Consultancy
Years in industry:  20

Tell us about your experience as a woman in your industry and the roles that you have taken on.

I worked in the public sector delivering and improving public services for about 18 years, and now with a consultancy, Methods, that specialising in partnering with the public sector on delivering services.  I was lucky enough to work at the Government Digital Service and then part of the Ministry of Justice.  I

I started in the role now called a Product Manager, and then moved up the ramps to Head of Digital for a Govt Agency – and am now Head of Digital for the Midlands for Methods. 


In your opinion, why is it important that more women join your industry in the near future?

We work with the public sector, to build and improve a wide range of public services.  It’s so important that the teams that design, build and manage these services, represent the mix of the public who actually use them.  That obviously includes women.  So many studies have shown bias, intentional or unintentional baked into digital services, such as chatbots – having women on the team to help build these services is vital to stopping this happening in the future.

Secondly – it’s fun.  We learn about users – so essentially, we learn about people – their lives, their motivations.  We design services by understanding the ecosystems and world in which they operate.  We make things better for people.  We hopefully make difficult things less stressful; we make annoying chores simple.  And what’s better than all that!


What’s the most important piece of advice you’d give to a woman thinking of starting a career in your industry?

Just be yourself. Be authentic. I have never pretended to be anything other than I am.  I don’t have a work persona; I am just me. Maybe sometimes that might have impacted on my progression at work, but it’s made me a whole lot more comfortable with who I am and how I work – and I love the job I do now, so something must have worked along the way!