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E R Grove & Co - Guiding Businesses Through the Confusion

12 May 2020

Community Champions
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The speed at which the coronavirus moved through communities and the nation as a whole was staggering. News couldn’t keep up, the information was out of date almost as soon as it was sent out and the level of confusion was paralysing for people and for businesses.

While it can't be denied, the level of government support and financial stimulus is unprecedented, it has left may confused as to what applies to them and how to access the support available.

Black Country based accountancy firm E R Grove & Co is supporting businesses to cut through all the information noise, particularly small businesses and sole traders. They have been providing guidance on the government support schemes available and who they apply to and the ways they can be accessed. This information is free to access for businesses across the country, not just the firm's client base.

In reviewing the guidance, E R Grove & Co have published advice and made it accessible through their social media channels, including the regional Twitter chats such as Black Country Hour, Midlands Hour and Brum Hour.

Extremely busy in supporting their own clients, many of which operate in the care sector (who are already stretched) E R Grove & Co wanted to do more having witnessed the challenges their clients were experiencing and this seemed a great way to help while putting the company’s expertise into action for struggling businesses and organisations. The response that has been received by E R Grove & Co from grateful organisations just goes to show there were a lot of businesses in the same situations, that the hard work to produce this advice was worth it and that we are all in this together.